FREE Killer 73mm

  • Weight: 915
  • Diamètre: 73 mm
  • Roues de Carving: SLIDE
  • Type de noyaux: CENTERSET
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The Free Killers have come to innovate the concept of “Free-Speed”, which is fast freeriding with complete freedom to kick out slides at any time with extreme control and ease.
They come in 73mm in diameter and 51mm contact patch, with extremely rounded edges and a stone-ground finish, which makes them ready for the smoothest slides right out of the package and as soon as mounted on your skateboard.
The great differential of this wheel is it’s durability. Unlike the wheels in this style, which are generally smaller and thinner, the Free Killers came to outlast dozens of sessions, not afraid to give that giant slide that could end up destroying a conventional freeride wheel.
Available in the 75a and 77a on the PowerThane formula, which has more grip thru turns and higher durability and 80a FlowThane, which has a smoother slide and softer feel, with total creaminess sensation.
Try now the Free Killers and take your freeriding to the next level!!!

White: 75a
Green: 77a
Red: 80a

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  • Green 77a Power thane