Khiro Skateboard

Bushing (Barrel/TallCone)

  • Weight: 35
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6,49 €

Hiro the brand with its wide range of bushings, lets find her perfect setting at low cost

Package = A long conical and cylindrical rubber eraser (No Cup).
Widely répendues in the middle of the slalom, Hiro is the reference bushings.

White = 73A Extra Soft
Mild Soft Orange = 79A
Blue = 85A Soft
Red = 90A Medium Soft
Yellow = 92A Medium Hard
Black = 95A Hard
Purple = 98A Extra Hard

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Erwan O. 2020-05-06
Bushings Khiro 92A utilisés pour rénover des trucks Crail. Produit parfait, les trucks tournent super bien mais sont stables en vitesse, associés à des Pivot Cups Khiro également. Nickel ! Je recommande.

Des infos qui m'ont aidé à choisir le modèle:

Bushing Shape:

- Standard Barrel - Fitted for traditional kingpin trucks, contains one barrel and short cone bushing.
- Double Barrel - For maximum stability, contains two barrel bushings.
- Tall Cone - For optimal turnability, contains one tall cone and one standard cone.
- Tall Cone Combo - For turnability with stability, contains one barrel and one tall cone.
- Bitch Bushings - For shock absorption, contains two bitch bushings (cone shape with small lips on top).

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