Koastal longboards

Rasta 34"

  • Board: Carving
  • Flex: HARD
  • Longueur: 86.3 cm
  • Largeur: 22.8 cm
  • Empatement: 62.2 cm
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he Rasta has a very slight concave and has a full kick tail. It measures 34" in length and is a great board for just about anything. The board is not that big so you can take it everywhere you go and it won't get in the way. This board is great for carving and cruising. Has a very quick response time which makes for a great city board. It's also a great board for making those short runs down to the store or to go check the surf.Deck Info:

Wood: Mahogany and Green, Red and Yellow dyed Maple Veneers. The core of this board is 5 ply Maple.
Bottom: Green dyed Maple veneer
Shape: Flat with a full kick tail
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