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Grip Edger

  • Largeur: 27 cm
  • Weight: 50
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This Edger Grip Tape Pack is intended for use on Longboards, both Freeride and Downhill alike.

Edger Grip Tape Packs contain 4 sheets of grip measuring in at 10" x 11".

It's grippier than "standard" grip tape so you won't need to worry about losing traction while cruising around town or during your shrednasty standup slides down those 20% grades.
Edger Grip Tape's Description

NEW Larger size sheets for Downhill and Longboards! The first grip specially designed for downhill, slalom and pool skating. Still the #1 choice among skaters!
Edger tape is manufactured using larger, harder stones that make shoes stick like glue. When foot traction is critical you can count on Edger Grip tape.
• 4 Sheets Per Bag
• Each Sheet Measures 11” X 10” Inches
• Together The Sheets Cover a 11” x 40” Inch Deck
• Made in the USA

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