Emperor - 71mm 78a

  • Largeur: 53 cm
  • Weight: 700
  • Diamètre: 71 mm
  • Roues de Carving: SLIDE
  • Type de noyaux: OFFSET
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Diamater 71mm
Width 53mm
Durometer 78A
Contact Patch 50.5mm
Core Position Offset

The "Emperor" ... Emerging from the depths of the Doctor's twisted mind. He hath been observing the habits and behavioural patterns of his devotees and saw the need for a new wheel. A wheel that offers enhanced control for powerslides ("Standies") at higher speeds, whilst still retaining sufficent grip and braking power. Bring forth "The Emperor." 

The Doctor took it upon himself to shape a wheel that shall bare the mark of the Cult... Only a Cult devotee  shall experience the total control and psychic feel of this sacred geometry.

To accompany this new shape, a new formula of epic proportion was created and duly despatched for the scrutiny of a few select high ranking devotees in a blind test to determine it's worthyness. After much deliberation over many dimensions, It was deemed that it was worthy to offer it out to the populus. 

We present to you.. "Dopathane" 

"Dopathane" is our new mid grip formula. Its psychotropic active compounds play a critical role in the way the brain controls our foot and body movements during fast freeriding. These movements are thought to be a crucial part of the “Shatner's Bassoon Motor Loop” when sliding at speed.  An excess of Dopathane neurons in the  “Glissade Steez Gland” will cause a person to execute smooth, controlled slides.

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