• Board: Descente / Freeride
  • Flex: RIGIDE
  • Longueur: 82.46 cm
  • Largeur: 23.4 cm
  • Empatement: 53.20 - 63.28 cm
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The BAROUQUETTE 2020 presents a robust full wood construction featuring a new lightweight wood core surrounded by strengthening hardwood laminates for the perfect balance between stiffness and durability.

Its specially designed sandwich construction enables its distinctive fat bottom that extends through the board’s length and slightly narrows around the front and back side edges. This allows the shaping of bigger wheel wells for improved wheel clearance, so you can pair the BAROUQUETTE 2020 with big, grippy downhill longboard wheels without needing to worry about wheelbite.

With a top-mount truck mounting system, this board offers a more direct weight distribution on the trucks for improved maneuverability and board control at higher speeds.



Lilian’s Pro Model Deck embodies a competitive style of skating with an aerodynamic directional shape and a slim waist designed for anyone who prefers a narrow stance and high maneuverability.

As the shortest board in our collection, the BAROUQUETTE 2020  offers a 82,46 cm (32.46 inches) length and a variable wheelbase ranging from 53.20 cm to 63.28 cm (20.94 inches – 24.91 inches). Proportional to its size, its 23.4 cm (9.21 inches) width with a slim waist caters to a narrow stance and provides comfortable foot placement when tucking.

The Barouquette’s riding platform is paired with a mellow concave and rocker to provide a secure foothold and enable you effortless edge-to-edge weight transitions for slides or tight corners.



This board was designed to accommodate and withstand fast downhill skateboarding. However, if you’re used to having a narrow stance, it can also serve as a brilliant freeride deck. Due to its size, the Barouquette is also appropriate for smaller riders.

*The Lilian Barou Pro Model Longboard Deck is available in two board models; The Barouquette (without kicktail) and The Barouquette KT (with kicktail).



  • Directional shape with top-mount truck mounting
  • Comfortable narrow platform to accommodate riders with a narrow stance
  • New lightweight core construction
  • Sandwich construction featuring a light wood core surrounded by hardwood laminates
  • Durable full wood construction
  • Big wheel wells for higher wheel clearance
  • Fishtail design
  • A comfortable concave for good board feel
  • Rocker for easier side-to-side weight transitions
  • Stiff flex for better stability at higher speeds
  • Best used for Downhill Skateboarding
  • Appropriate for all skill levels
  • Handmade in Poland, Europe
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